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Your web site is the single most accessible and interactive experience for your business. Our web site design will establish your presence on the Internet and give you an extremely valuable competitive edge. Web sites designed by us enrich the look of your business and are unique in style, easy to navigate, fast loading, cross-browser and cross-platform compatible, and "search engine ready".

We can also redesign your existing web site, adding new graphics, navigation and content, and improving other troublesome aspects which you are not happy about. We can also develop your site for e-commerce.

Our Process:

Once a client decides to have a web site developed by DesignSource.com and the development process begins. We have divided the process into five basic phases in order to ensure a smooth and optimal flow.

  1. Requirements Phase
    The client requirements are analyzed and a project specification form is outlined. A flowchart of the web site will also be created so that both parties get a clear visual idea of the requirements of the project. This is approved and signed by the client. Deadlines for various deliverables are also specified. Special likes and dislikes regarding the look and feel of the web site must be communicated and documented at this stage.
  2. Design Phase
    Prior to any design is implemented, our team searched the Internet to view competitors site and design. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a high quality design and content. Upon competition of this research process, DesignSource.com works out a graphical web site design incorporating, the overall look and feel, colors, logo and navigation features specified by the client. This initial design will be hosted in a password-protected area within our web site. This phase may require back and forth communication and changes between the client and designer till the client is satisfied with the look and feel, features, colors, design logo etc. Once the client approves the design the project launches into the development phase.
  3. Development Phase
    In this phase the approved design is converted into HTML pages. The CGI-scripts and all necessary programming are incorporated. In case of a backend intensive web sites, ASP pages are developed and linked to databases. After all required programming is done, tested thoroughly by our team and client, and final approval is given, the web site is transfer to the appropriate location.
  4. Go Live
    In this phase, the web site is opened to the public. If required, the client is educated regarding administration features of various components for future maintenance.
  5. Promotion Phase
    Once the web site is ready, it is time to get indexed with search engines. In this phase, keywords are carefully placed thought-out and pages are submitted to various search engines and directories.




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